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    All Work. No Play.

    I just woke up not too long ago from a three-hour nap. This week has been long and it continues… w…tf?


    1. Finish Advertising Campaign Comps (Amt: 3) for Project No.#01
    2. Revise + Finish Packaging Comps (Amt: 2) for Project No. #01
    3. Start + Finish Packaging Comps (Amt: Err… at least 2?) for Project No. #02
    4. Read Creative Brief + Conceptualize for Project No. #03
    5. Start + Finish Poster Comps (Amt: 3) for Surprise Project No. #04
    6. Revise Class Syllabus for Upcoming Spring Quarter for Title Class (…which starts next Tuesday. Boo.)

    Cults - You Know What I Mean by cultscultscults

    This is what I’m currently listening to as I’m procrastinating, by the by. SO freakin’ good.

    Now that I have got Trudy off my desk, I gotsta get to work. Ohhh, must… fight…. the…. Tumblr……….. tempation….

    Posted on Saturday, April 2nd 2011