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    Going Under

    110 Fwy Mini Coop
    Office Office
    Portland, OR (Winter 2011) Los Angeles, CA (Winter 2011)

    It’s past my bedtime… but I thought to myself, "Self, after working on the computer for 12 hours today and running errands, you should go home and do some personal work or at least blog on the computer… make this one a doozey."  So, I did… or am. I updated my Flickr, I put together a rough playlist, and I made a desktop wallpaper struck by some idea I had a couple of nights ago. Click to enlarge images.

    Above The Fold Desktop Wallpaper

    And I’ve decided to post up two additional pieces I created back in August 2010 that I haven’t posted here yet, just for good measure.

    Very Very Primary 
    The Fox and the Fawn

    Thank you, and goodnight. Till tomorrow.

    Posted on Tuesday, March 22nd 2011